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Newborn Diapers

  • $13.00

We have been asked for months now to bring in smaller diapers for our little freshies. They are here and they are VERY cute. They fit babies from 5lbs up to 13lbs.  As each baby differs in weight, we estimate this will be from birth until 4-5 months. These are great if you think the other diapers might be too big, although most parents find the regular diapers to work just fine. It's all up to the parent and the baby after all!

About the diapers:  Like our Rainbow & Fashion diaper lines, the Newborn diapers also are pocket style diapers with one-size adjustments, to fit your baby as they grow. They have a waterproof shell, with a lining of poly/cotton to wick the moisture through into the insert - this way, there is less moisture on your baby's toosh!